Today's Newsletter: Lessons from Mr. Spock

T&L Advisor Guest post: Carl Hooker, Director of Instructional Technology, Eanes Independent School District:

"Live long and prosper." These famous words were often spoken (with accompanied hand salute) by Leonard Nemoy’s most famous character, the cerebral half-Vulcan Mr. Spock. With Nemoy’s passing this week, many in the entertainment and technology industry took time to reflect on his life and the legacy he leaves behind. While those words may be his most famous quote, I think one of his lesser known quotes is one we can all learn and live by in the learning technology world: "The more we share, the more we have." One thing I’ve learned in my time in education is the more I’ve shared, the more I’ve learned. Next week brings another opportunity to share and learn in the form of SXSWedu here in Austin. While this event has grown much larger than just a K-12 event, in many ways it embodies those same ideals Nemoy was referencing. While I’ll be sharing during the event, I also know there will be wide variety of other life-forms to learn from that are somewhat "alien" to our K-12 world. From venture capitalists to start-ups to higher education, we’ll all seeking a similar goal of Mr. Spock only with a twist. We will be looking to "Learn well and hope our students prosper."

Carl Hooker has spent the past 20+ years in education as a teacher and administrator focused on the thoughtful integration of technology and innovation. He consults for multiple districts across the country and is a frequent speaker at state and national events. In his free time he's an author, DJ, podcast host, Poetry Slammer, and Trivia Night MC. He's the co-founder of the social platform Check out his latest book Ready Set FAIL! Now available for order here:  Read more of his blogs at Hooked on Innovation.