My Weekly Diigo Bookmarks (March 15, 2015) - Tech Learning

My Weekly Diigo Bookmarks (March 15, 2015)

Google Classroom iPad App User Guide for Teachers - by - Google Docs
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    Google Classroom iPad App User Guide for Teachers - by - Google Docs


    Why Deep Reading is Suffering as Technology Advances

    What do you think? Is it not possible to deep read in an electronic book format? I find that reading on the iPad may come with a few distractions, but I also really enjoy being able to quickly look up related information to further explore ideas, facts, words, and so on. 


    Workflow: Moderate Student Email-Posted Videos to YouTube

    Good overview of workflow for classrooms uploading videos directly to a class YouTube Channel.


    The Right Way to End a Meeting

    Simple but effective way to ensure that everyone is on the same page 


    4 Tips For Making Professional Looking Google Docs


    RT Collab on Strikingly

    @patrickmlarkin Check out our website for more info:

    Core Strength Moves

    If you're looking to improve your core, squat.

    The Compelled Educator: Ideas for Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom

    Ideas for Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom via @Jennifer_Hogan #ALedchat


    The Importance of Student Reflection


    Frankie’s New 3D Printed Hand | Enabling The Future

    A story abut our middle school students and what they did with their 3-d printer


    The iPad Goes to School: The Rise of Educational Tablets - Businessweek


    BPS Foundational Apps


    How to use Google Classroom for professional development


    Drive Your Classroom Guide - Google Docs

    Great Resource from Rich Kiker


    iMovies on paper with Aurasma

    From Chris Casal - a great addition to the traditional bulletin board by using Aurasma for links to multi-media presentations (iMovie)


    Highlander Institute Blends Rhode Island

    Great overview of how the Highlander Institute supports Blended Learning for schools in the state of Rhode Island


    Blizzard Bag Assignments

    Link to Google Drive Folders from Buckeye Valley Schools in Ohio


    Grade 1 Blizzard Bag Assignment from Norwalk, Ohio


    Inside the film room: Transition defense | Comcast SportsNet -

    Inside the film room with Brad Stevens: Transition defense #Celtics


    New York Public School Abolishes Homework

    P.S. 116 will be a very interesting school to keep an eye on. Researchers will doubtlessly analyze whatever effects result from every student's dream come true: the abolition of homework. 


    Video, Transcript & Excerpts From President Obama’s Extraordinary Selma Speech


    How Do We Learn? How Should We Learn?

    Great post by Jackie Gerstein on the science of learning.


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