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The New Buncee

Buncee has just released a new (beta) web interface for the user's creation experience.
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Buncee has just released a new (beta) web interface for the user's creation experience. The new design makes it easier to create attractive presentations, digital stories, announcements, greetings, and more.

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Educators are using Buncee for project-based learning, digital storytelling, flipping the classroom, and other ways. It's easy to integrate Buncee into the classroom and users should find that the latest updates enhance their Buncee experience.

Top 10 New Creation Canvas Features

  1. Wider Canvas - easier on the eyes all in one screen
  2. Universal Search - one keyword search will bring up images, videos, stickers, and more
  3. Add or upload multiple items at once - batch uploads speed up a user's workflow
  4. Draw directly on your digital canvas/buncee
  5. Duplicate slides - a major time saver when needing to keep the same formula throughout the presentation
  6. Easier layer and side panels - rearrange your project by drag/drop
  7. Text updates - create lists or bullet points
  8. Grid lines - help to rotate and align items
  9. Attach audio files to any item (i.e. image, animation, etc.)
  10. Smoother sharing - share a project through link, email, social network, embed, etc.

Click here for a more detailed description of the new features.

Below is a brief tutorial on the New Buncee experience.

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