Class Tech Tips: ClassDojo Groups- Monitor Participation & Collaboration

Class Tech Tips: ClassDojo Groups- Monitor Participation & Collaboration

I’m a big fan of ClassDojo and always excited to share news on updates to this powerful classroom management tool. ClassDojo lets teachers keep track of student behavior in their classroom and keep families informed of student progress. They’ve just launched a new feature that is perfect for teachers who encourage students to work together. If your students are sitting in tables or working in teams you can reward participation and collaboration with the new ClassDojo Groups feature.

Teachers can now award points to either an individual student or a group of students. ClassDojo Groups can help motivate teamwork in your classroom. This could be a table of students that sit together most of the day, a reading group that meets once a week, or a group of students who are working together on a short or long-term project. The points that a group earns will also be visible on individual student profiles – making it easy for families to check in too. ClassDojo Groups works on any iOS and Android device as well as any computer’s web browser.

Learn more about ClassDojo Groups by visiting their website!

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