ICT and Computing Reading catch-up

ICT and Computing Reading catch-up

Greetings! I hope you have had a nice summer break. I’ve taken some time off, in the sense of not trying to update this website as frequently as I usually do. But I was doing some reading and writing, so I thought you may find these links interesting as you start a new school year.

Believe it or not, I started this post a week ago. It’s not that I’m a slow writer (I’m not), but I kept thinking “Ooh, that would be interesting to include” and “Ooh, that looks good too”. well, after a lot of “ooh-ing” I thought “Ooh, I’d better stop and hit the Publish button”. Just as well, because one of the conferences I mention is tomorrow – eeek! Anyway, now even this intro has started to take on a life of its own, so I’m going to stop right now. There. See? It’s just a question of self-discipline.

Back to work...

From #blimage to #blideo

Over the summer a series of posts were written as part of the #blimage challenge. This was to write a blog post based on or inspired by a particular image – hence the neologism “blimage”. Now Steve Wheeler has thrown down the gauntlet again, this time replacing “image” with “video”, giving (you guessed it) #blideo. Same sort of challenge, only based on a snippet of video instead of an image. I haven’t taken part in this yet, but may do. It’s a creative writing exercise for adults (although there’s no reason not to use with kids), and fun too.

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