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A Tech Director's Reflection IV: Leading From The Middle

I truly believe that everyone can be a leader if they choose to be.
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Everyone Can Lead

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I truly believe that everyone can be a leader if they choose to be. Leading up, down and across can be beneficial for an organization if encouraged and there is a way for the communication to happen. The saying is a bit old now, but bringing everyone outside of the four walls of their classrooms and cubicles is still relevant and if we can do that, strong working environments can happen.

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How do you promote and encourage the use of new and emerging technology in the classroom and district?
I like to share as much as possible through my social media outlets, write using my blog, and support staff through quality service. More important than that is providing a way for the real experts, the classroom teachers, to have a way to collaborate with one another and share what they are doing with emerging technologies and practices. To do this we have a Technology Integration Specialist, Collaboration Coach Leads, and Collaboration Coaches in the district that work to support one another. I do my best to support them with what they need to make that happen.

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Jon Castelhano is director of technology for Apache Junction USD in Arizona and serves as an advisor to the School CIO member community, a group of top tier IT professionals in schools across the country who understand and benefit from news and information not available elsewhere. Read more at jcastelhanothisandthat.blogspot.com



Leading by Learning -by Ben Grey

This week I participated in an activity that made me acutely aware of how difficult it can be to talk with leaders about leaders.  I'm presently participating in a leadership program through Johns Hopkins University and ISTE.  Our program kicked off

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Amplify Reflection

Reflection is an important component of the learning process. It can NOT be seen as an add-on, something to be cut if time is running short.