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40 Ways to Engage Them in the First 5 Minutes

40 Ways to Engage Them in the First 5 Minutes

One of the best ways I engaged my students were with prompts written on the board. Each day, my students would walk in the door and see the area with the prompt, challenge, or mission and knew they had to complete it in the first 5 minutes or complete it for homework. I would change it up so they would practice writing, listening, critical thinking, and more! Now, I recommend posting these challenges on your LCD projector or on a website. Below is an infographic I created filled with ideas on how you can engage your students within the first 5 minutes. Pick resources that apply to the topic you are teaching and are appropriate for your students’ ages. Hover over the infopic to discover lessons, free apps, and resources!

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Engage Them! Over 40 Lesson Starters from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Challenge: Try one of these ideas to engage your students as soon as they walk into the door!

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