Computing And Qualifications In The UK

Come back! by Terry Freedman

Come back! by Terry Freedman

We recently saw the publication of the Roehampton Annual Computing Report. It makes for grim reading on the whole. There’s a massive disparity between the number of girls taking Computing and the number of boys, as several of us predicted would happen. This was also a trend pointed out a year ago: see It Wasn’t Me Wot Done It, Sir! The Depressing State Of Computing As A Subject. The subject appears to attract Chinese students especially, who are proportionately over-represented, but not as many black students, who are proportionately under-represented.. It is also perceived to be very hard.

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In short, one has the very strong impression that this qualification is highly elitist.

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Terry Freedman is an independent edtech consultant and freelance writer based in London, England. He publishes the ICT & Computing in Education website.