Force Copy: The G-Suite Tip Every Teacher Needs To Know

Force Copy: The G-Suite Tip Every Teacher Needs To Know
  • Creating an action plan
  • A presentation template for a conference
  • An agenda for a workshop that you want to share, but people should customize it for their setting
  • A invitation that people can customize for a specific audience
  • Maybe the sharing settings aren't right.
  • Maybe they share with the same people and then you have a bunch of copies you don't want.
  • Maybe the person doesn't know how to find "Make a Copy" and you have to waste time explaining it, etc.

Well, there is a super simple, easy peasy way you can force people to make a copy and it's not intuitive.

How to create a force copy:

Voila! You did it. Now anyone who you share the new url with will see this:

Your turn

Go ahead. Try it. Click on the following link with "copy" at the end and see what happens?

Pretty cool, right? You're welcome.

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