Free School Broadband Comparison Tool

Free School Broadband Comparison Tool

Although the window has closed to submit e-rate applications, districts can still use the free resource, Compare & Connect K–12, by the nonprofit EducationSuperHighway, as they consider their needs over the next three to five years. As school districts begin budget talks for the 2018-19 school year, the tool can be impactful in convincing school board members and superintendents about the need to negotiate for better contracts—especially for those who were unaware of the tool during this cycle. Updates to the school broadband comparison tool make finding what neighboring and similar school districts are paying for broadband services even easier.

1. New service provider view: Districts can now compare prices for other districts being served by the same provider.

2. Improved user experience: With simplified map views, districts can hone in quickly to find the information they need to upgrade their bandwidth and internal networks.

3. New functionality to help districts find the most relevant bandwidth upgrade options: Updated maps help districts display nearby comparable districts that have more bandwidth for the same price or less.

4. Direct access to free resources and support: Districts using the tool can now access RFP templates, school network tips, webinars, and technical assistance.

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