Today's Newsletter:  The Best of Edtech Weekend Reading - Tech Learning

Today's Newsletter:  The Best of Edtech Weekend Reading

"Edtech is trapped in Ben Bloom’s basement."
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 We’ve been so busy covering events at this year’s BETT, FETC, and TCEA shows, the bookmarks are piling up in the Tech&Learning newsfeed. Jared Silver in EdSurge goes off on one of the most sacred tenets of traditional education: “As a technologist by trade, I can sympathize with Silicon Valley’s underestimating the importance of good pedagogy. But, I certainly can’t excuse it. And in the process of trying to educate myself on the matter, I’ve come to a scary realization: Edtech is trapped in Ben Bloom’s basement.” Charles Duarte In Forbes suggest some different strategies leaders should take in edtech purchases: “Used technology is a valuable asset and administrators are obligated to be good financial stewards for their schools. Unfortunately, formal bids often are hyper-focused on the pennies at the expense of the dollars.” And in The Boston Globe, Kenneth Rogoff wants to see more innovation coming out of higher ed when it comes to integrating 21st century tools in teaching and learning: “One can understand why change is slow to take root at the primary and secondary school level, where the social and political obstacles are massive. But colleges and universities have far more capacity to experiment; indeed, in many ways, that is their raison d’être.” —Kevin Hogan, content director