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Today's Newsletter: Requiem for a District Tech Plan

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Two different pieces appeared in the Tech&Learning news feed last week that read like obituaries for Duluth, MN school district’s tech plans. The Duluth News Tribune puts it plainly: “That means that as millions of dollars in technology fails, it won't be replaced. What continues to operate will run well beyond recommended lifespans — and it's not just Smart Boards. Video security systems, computers, printers, projectors and classroom sound amplifiers installed as part of the Red Plan — approved in 2007 and completed in 2013 — are outdated.” Minnesota Public Radio education blogger Bob Collins weighs in: “Sure, we can suggest blackboards and chalk as a replacement, but kids aren’t going out to a blackboards-and-chalk world. So school districts — and taxpayers — are going to have to confront an unexpected reality of the digital age.” Talk about a cautionary tale! —Kevin Hogan, Content Director

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