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Today's Newsletter: Social Media Miscreants—Teacher Edition

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When it comes to poor behavior online, most of the time the focus is on “kids these days.” Unfortunately, some adults can’t seem to handle it either. This former North Dakota middle-school teacher apparently asked students to refer to her as “Kim Kardashian” and shared hundreds of sexually explicit videos and photos via Snapchat with two male students. This teacher was arrested after confronting a news reporter regarding his Twitter account, which featured tweets questioning why there is no white history month and criticizing the looks of participants in marches for women's rights. And this educator was charged with creating a false alarm after he posted Facebook comments related to an "unvetted rumor" of gun violence at Williamstown Middle School. Will there ever come a time where people think before they click?
—Kevin Hogan, Content Director

[Bad PD is Sometimes Your Own Fault]