Top 10 Ways Toys Can Teach STEAM

Top 10 Ways Toys Can Teach STEAM

Based on findings from their new report, “Decoding STEM/STEAM,” the Toy Association offers 10 reasons to encourage children to play with toys.

1. Toys get kids involved with STEAM subjects and give them positive experiences with these disciplines.

2. Toys can teach kids how to fail and still have fun. This also develops perseverance.

3. Toys teach collaboration and build social skills.

4. Toys expand stereotypical roles and foster cultural diversity.

5. Toys teach kids to take healthy risks.

6. Toys can promote hands-on exploration and help improve cognition.

7. Toys encourage kids to explore their talents and develop their passions through play.

8. Toys help kids relate STEAM subjects like math and science to everyday experiences including cooking, running, and building.

9. Toys teach kids to problem solve, think deeply, and take their time.

10. Toys help integrate the arts into STEAM projects by encouraging creativity, intuition, and imagination.