Discovery Education Announces New Social Media Platform, Math Assessment Builder

3/20/2017 9:16:00 PM

Discovery Education today released two new features to Discovery Education’s Streaming and Techbook services.

Currently rolling-out to users of Discovery Education Streaming, Streaming Plus, and the Discovery Education Techbook series is the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Online Community. 

The DEN Online Community helps educators explore new instructional strategies and teacher-created resources, join or create discussion groups on topics of interest to them, inspire fellow educators with advice on best practices and new approaches to teaching, and even earn badges for active participation in the Discovery Education Community.

To support educators’ efforts to differentiate math instruction, a Math Assessment Builder has also been added to the Discovery Education Math Techbook™, giving teachers access to an additional 8,000 technology-enhanced items from which they can create their own standards-based assessments.

For more information about the Discovery Education Streaming service, the Discovery Education Techbook series or other services and resources from Discovery Education, visit

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