Today's Newsletter: Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week

10/12/2017 8:24:00 PM
In the wake of fake news, cyberbullying, data security, and many other issues related to keeping our students safe online, how can schools address digital citizenship across all communities? In celebration of “Digital Citizenship Week,” Tech & Learning will be tackling this topic first-hand with a mini-keynote at T & L Live in Princeton next Friday, October 20. By now we all understand the importance of preparing our students as safe, responsible, and successful digital citizens, but putting this into practice is hard work. This keynote will bring together perspectives from district leaders, educators, and students to share a fast-paced, ignite-style keynote presentation. The speakers will uncover ways to go from banning to embracing, how to incorporate voices of students, families, and educators, what to do when social media is blamed for bullying and suicide, and more. If you can’t join us in Princeton, you can join the conversation during the live Twitter chat by following along at #TLTechLive– Christine Weiser, Editorial Director
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