Noodle releases list of 32 best free apps for Education

3/27/2015 6:40:00 AM
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Noodle, a site that provides families with information about schools, tutors, summer camps, study abroad programs, and online learning tools, has just released a list of the 32 best, free apps for education.

The list covers some apps that I've reviewed before, such as EdmodoPreziDesmos, and Knowledge Graph, but also has some I've never covered. Each listing is set up with "What it is", "Who would love it", "Why it's good", and "Why it's relevant", and "Something you didn't know" providing a quick look at what the app does, the intended audience and how to use it.

The selections were evaluated based on a list of strict criteria, including:

* Orientation toward high school or college students
* User-friendliness
* Design language strength
* Ease of use
* No-cost options

There are some great apps listed here. Take a look.

Example of a listing:


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