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How It’s Done: Incorporating Digital Citizenship Into Your Everyday Curriculum
By Jon Orech
Community High School District 99 decided to challenge the idea that Internet Safety just refers to “Cyberbullying,” and instead focused on “Digital Citizenship.” This involved creating a program that would be meaningful to students and help make a real difference.

Reflections from ISTE 2012:

SchoolCIO: Re-Thinking Teacher Evaluations
By Ellen Ullman
States and districts are being asked to design and implement teacher- and principal-evaluation systems that are valid, reliable, and legally defensible, particularly when the decisions may impact tenure. We asked a handful of schools to share their teacher-evaluation processes with us.


Put to the Test: T&L Editors
Review HP’s MagCloud

ISTE Round-Up


Editor’s Desk
Editor’s Note: What’s in a Word?

News & Trends
Top 10 Online Stories
Survey Finds “Learn Now, Lecture Later” Model Emerging in Education
Site We Like
Do Your Students Support Your Tech Initiatives?
What do teachers who’ve flipped their classrooms have to report?
Supporting STEM
Sites for Learning how to Program or Code
Survey on MobileTechnology for K-12
Mind-Mapping Tools

They Said It: Take the Conference Experience to Go
Wendy Gorton believes Google Education On Air conferences offer just one snapshot into how the future of conferences could look.

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