10/16/2017 9:00:00 AM

In a recent news release, ISTE offered the following top five trends to watch this school year:

1. Coding for All Students: Teachers are helping students hone problem-solving skills by infusing coding and computational thinking into courses across the curriculum and encouraging students to become digital content creators.

2. Real-Time Learning Feedback: In an era when we have electronic devices that can measure everything from heart rates to calories burned, education is catching up with real-time learning feedback.

3. VR Is Coming to Town: This school year will likely be the year that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) make a real impact in the classroom.

4. Media Literacy to Combat Fake News: As more information is consumed online, there is an increased focus on media literacy, particularly around recognizing credible sources and valid interpretations of data.

5. Redefining Digital Citizenship: While online safety is critical, it’s only a small subset of digital citizenship. This school year, ISTE thinks there will be a shift in the conversation around digital citizenship to focus on encouraging students to harness tech tools to do good in the world and incite change.

Read Iste’s Full Release Here https://tinyurl.com/ybrzykke

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