My Big Campus - the long review continues - more features explored.

My Big Campus- collaborative online environment for schools

by David Andrade

My Big Campus, from Lightspeed Systems, is an online service that allows schools to create an engaging, collaborative online environment.

I’ve been using it since September and am finding it very easy and useful. I wrote aboutmy intial impressions hereand will be documenting my experience using it throughout this school year.

So far, My Big Campus is proving to be a great tool. It brings functions that I have been using multiple sites and systems for all into one, cohesive system.

I have set it up with my resource library of files that I usually post on my class website, links that I usually put on my class blog, and use the calendar feature to put in assignment due dates and reminders, test dates and even have school events listed. If you whole school is using it, there is a calendar category for school events and even district events.

I have not used the messaging system yet, or the notification system, but I will be trying them out this month. I’m also going to use the “conversations” (forum) section this month with my AP Physics students as an online discussion and help system.

The “Your Stuff” section is the one I’ve used the most so far. I’ve uploaded files, photos and links to web sites and even YouTube videos. What I like is that you can filter by type of resource and easily search all of your “stuff.”

I’m really finding that My Big Campus is a very useful tool that allows me to do all my online activities and resources with students in one place.

It’s also easy to get your students or other teachers to sign up and work with you. You can just send them an invite email through the system, or even generate a unique URL to share with them.

I’ll be exploring more features each month.

David Andrade is a Physics Teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in Connecticut. He is the author of theEducational Technology Guy blog, where he reviews free educational technology resources for teachers, discusses ways to use technology to improve teaching and learning, and discusses other issues in education.
He is also a professional development trainer and presenter at conferences, helping educators learn new and innovative ways to educate students. He is also a Discovery Education STAR Educator and member of the CT DEN Leadership Council.

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