My Big Campus - collaborative online environment for schools - more features reviewed

My Big Campus - collaborative online environment for schools - more features reviewed

My Big Campus, from Lightspeed Systems, is an online service that allows schools to create an engaging, collaborative online environment.

I’ve been using it since September and am finding it very easy and useful. I wrote aboutmy intial impressions hereand will be documenting my experience using it throughout this school year.

The two features that I am exploring this month are the assignments feature and file storage and sharing.

I can very easily assign students work and tasks and mange them and see who has completed what assignments. Students get notified about new assignments so they won’t forget.

I just assigned one last week and the students got a notification, went online and completed the assignment. I could see when each student completed it. I have not tried grading the assignments online yet.

I also started using the file storage and sharing system. I’ve uploaded some of my class resources, lesson plans, and materials and then I can access the files anywhere. I shared a video, a link, and a presentation with my students and they easily accessed the files from their home. I can search and sort my resources, as can the students.

I’ve also been exploring some of the resources other teachers have uploaded, including videos, web links, and other files in the Educational Resource Library. I’ve found some great materials to use in my class and will be sharing my materials in the library too.

I’m very impressed with My Big Campus so far. It’s powerful, feature rich, and easy to use.

I’ll be exploring more features each month.

David Andrade is a Physics Teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in Connecticut. He is the author of theEducational Technology Guy blog, where he reviews free educational technology resources for teachers, discusses ways to use technology to improve teaching and learning, and discusses other issues in education.
He is also a professional development trainer and presenter at conferences, helping educators learn new and innovative ways to educate students. He is also a Discovery Education STAR Educator and member of the CT DEN Leadership Council.

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