DENSCcon 2012 -free professional development on Science

DENSCcon 2012 -free professional development on Science

Discovery Education is an excellent resource for educators. They have great fee-based products (Streaming, Assessment, Science and more) and over 30 free resources available for educators. The Discovery Educator Network is also a great resource for educators where they can connect with other educators and share resources and information. They also provide excellent, free, professional development through out the year. These sessions are held online and there are in-person events to coincide with the online program.

The 3rd Annual DEN SCIcon will be held on Saturday, January 28th. The DEN SCIcon provides participants with effective strategies for transforming science classes through effective integration of digital media content.

The agenda is listed below and you can register for the online sessions here:

I will post a list of in-person events once they are announced.

This is a great opportunity to gain some great ideas and resources for free. I've participated for the last two years and it was well worth the time.

General Agenda (all times ET)

9 AM
Opening SessionYour Attention Please: 10 Ways to Engage Your Students in Science - Lance Rougeux

10 AM
Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Student Learning through Inquiry-based Instruction - Trinette Green

11 AM
What’s the GIST? Bridging Literacy and Science - Brad Fountain

12 PM
The Common Core Connection - Kelly Pauling

1 PM
Busting the Myths of Project Based Learning in the Science Classroom - Mike Bryant

2 PM
Closing Session
The Scientific Method… It’s Not Just For Chapter One Anymore - Patti Duncan

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