Free Writing Resources from Turnitin Announced

Free Writing Resources from Turnitin Announced

New resources and tools in Turnitin’s back-to-school program, “Rethink Feedback,” aim to help K-12 teachers and higher education instructors teach proper methods of attribution and improve student writing skills.

The free back-to-school resources include:

1) In the Loop: Feedback Quiz - 12-question, online self-teaching tool helps students understand the value of feedback

2) Feedback that Makes the Grade- Infographic lists five tips for great feedback, details how students use and think about feedback, and explains what makes feedback effective in the classroom.

3) Aiming for Integrity Analysis - Compiling over 12,500 data points from over 25,000 responses to Turnitin’s Plagiarism Quiz, this report helps educators understand student perceptions of plagiarism and citation methods.

4) Plagiarism Spectrum - Infographic defines 10 different types of plagiarism.

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