Discovery Education Adds Inquiry-Based Projects, VR Experiences and More

Discovery Education Adds Inquiry-Based Projects, VR Experiences and More

Discovery Education announced today the addition of inquiry-based projects, virtual reality experiences, and approximately 1,500 new digital assets to its digital services.

Among the new GlobalLab projects available beginning today through Discovery Education’s services are:

  • Make Your Mark – Created in honor of International Dot Day, this project helps students design and create their own “dot” by selecting an area of service and identifying a project they can lead to impact their community on a local, national, or global level.
  • What’s For Lunch? – Students share with a global audience the contents of their lunch, look for similarities and differences of their lunch to their global peers, and examine the distribution of the main food groups needed to create a well-balanced meal.
  • Plant Population: Students will observe one type of plant in or near their school and record non-living (abiotic) and living (biotic) factors that might impact its development.

Discovery Education is also now offering educators using the Science, Math and Social Studies Techbooks an advanced level of immersive learning experiences. Students can explore topics such as how potential energy is transferred into to kinetic energy as they ride along with a pro skateboarder; they can travel to Africa to experience how a growing middle class changes the local economy; and they can visit the early 1900s to see firsthand some of the technological, social, and cultural impacts of the Industrial Revolution.

Additional cross-curricular content now available through Discovery Education’s digital services includes:

  • 10 new video field trips hosted by Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton
  • 500 new titles from Next Animation Studio
  • 50 new titles from Visual Learning Systems
  • 104 new titles from The Fixies
  • 15 new titles from Ancient Lights
  • 25 new programs from EV Productions
  • 84 new titles from First American Media Group
  • 300 new reading passages from Jelly Bean Scoop

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