Today's Newsletter: The State of EdTech Under Trump

Today's Newsletter: The State of EdTech Under Trump

When Tech & Learning hosted its first post-election focus group conversation in DC recently (see participant list below), the big question seemed to be: now what? From E-Rate and ESSA to the President-Elect’s social media habits, the conversation started with concerns, but soon moved into more hopeful territory. Regarding E-Rate, Funds4Learning’s CEO John Harrington said, “I’m not worried about the immediate impact of change. In fact I think because of the discussions about infrastructure that there may actually be opportunities.” Discovery’s Marty Creel thought the move toward school choice might encourage more use of tech: “If I’m a school administrator, I’m going to differentiate my school from the others and looking at innovative technologies may be a way that I can really differentiate myself as a school.” Listen to Part 1 of the complete podcast focusing on E-Rate here and Part 2 of the conversation focusing on the possible impact of a #TrumpEducation on teaching practices here. Christine Weiser, Executive Editor

Jon Bernstein - Founder and President, Bernstein Strategy Group
Elizabeth Crawford - Global Strategy and Marketing at Intel Corporation

Marty Creel - Discovery Education Chief Academic Officer / Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction
Sara Hall

John Harrington - CEO, Funds For Learning

Jeff Mao - Senior Director, Common Sense Education

Lisa Nielsen - Director of Digital Engagement & Learning, NYC Schools, The Innovative Educator

David Ross - CEO, Partnership for 21st Century Learning

Paul Sanfrancesco - Director of Technology, Owen J. Roberts School District, PA
Irene Spero - Chief Strategy Officer, CoSN
Marianthe Williams - Director of Technology, River Dell Regional Schools, New Jersey

Christine Weiser is the Content and Brand Director for Tech & Learning, and has been with the company since 2008. She has reported on education for most of her career, working at Scholastic and Gale Publishing before joining Tech & Learning. Christine is also an author and musician, and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son.