Interactive Whiteboard and Video, Together

SAFARI Montage, producer of Video-On-Demand and digital media management system for school districts, is now integrated with SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards.

SAFARI Montage provides four new ways of using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard:

1) Provides the ability to freeze frame video from SAFARI Montage and annotate over it.
2) Allows teachers to save, share and embed their SMART Notebook files into their district’s central server.
3) SMART Notebook files can be included on SAFARI Montage playlists within a school’s or district’s wide area network, or from home.
4) Teachers can set permanent links from SMART Notebook files to SAFARI Montage video clips.

Both the SMART Notebook pages and annotated frozen video image files can be integrated into playlists that serve as multimedia lesson plans. These customized playlists can be saved and shared with all classrooms and teachers in the school district.

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