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New Digital Content Added to Discovery Education’s Streaming Plus and Techbook Services

New Digital Content Added to Discovery Education’s Streaming Plus and Techbook Services

Discovery Education announced today the addition of a variety of new digital assets to its Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Techbook™ services.

Among the assets recently added to Discovery Education’s services are:

  • New Interactive 360 Degree Experiences: Educators can create life-like immersive learning opportunities for students at all grade levels. An example of this new content can be viewed here.
  • 106 New Titles from BBC Active: Also now available to Discovery Education Streaming Plus users are three new series from BBC Active supporting elementary, middle school, and high school science education.
  • Eight New Titles to Support Phenomena Based Learning: Through the Natural Phenomena series from Maslowski Wildlife Productions now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus and the Discovery Education Science Techbook, educators can now bring Earth’s extraordinary geologic features, weather events, and biodiversity to life for all students.
  • 30 Social Studies and Political Science Infographics –Added to Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook, these visual representations of various social studies and political science topics from the Student Government Affairs Program help educators illustrate complex ideas and concepts.
  • 15 New Art History Videos –Through Art Minutes, a new series of short videos focusing on famous works of arts recently added to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, students can analyze iconic paintings such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Marc Chagall’s “I and the Village.”
  • 75 New Video Titles from the Discovery Family of Networks:New episodes from the American Heroes Channel series American Titans, which delves in the lives of the founding fathers of Fortune 500 industries, are now available in to both Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Social Studies Techbook users.

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