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Kajeet Partners with All Four Major U.S. Wireless Carriers

Kajeet Partners with All Four Major U.S. Wireless Carriers

Kajeet, which offers safe, mobile student Internet connectivity, announced the expansion of its partnerships to connect students on all four major U.S. 4G LTE wireless networks. Doubling the networks school districts can choose to connect students – from two to four wireless carriers – Kajeet can now serve more students across the nation than any other wireless provider, just in time for the new school year. Wherever there is coverage on these wireless networks, students can connect to the Internet with Kajeet Education Broadband.

Since the launch of Kajeet Education Broadband, students have connected online, for educational purposes only, to complete over five million homework hours. The Kajeet Sentinel cloud portal analyzes and categorizes millions of new URLs every day to filter out both inappropriate and non-educational content. In addition, Sentinel connects, manages, and controls any – or all four – of the wireless networks on one centralized portal. During the 2016-2017 school year alone, students spent 2.5 million hoursonline working on educational assignments with the Kajeet SmartSpot and SmartBus solutions.

In addition to expanding carrier partnerships and overall coverage, Kajeet has improved its Education Broadband plans, making it even easier and more affordable for schools and districts to connect their students. Each plan comes with the Kajeet K-12 specific filters, mobile policy controls, data controls, reporting, and expert program management. Customers choose the plan that best suits their needs on any (or all) of the four national networks.

To learn more about the Kajeet Education Broadband plans, visit our website here: