New Pen-Based Presentation Tool

Numonics Corporation has announced the release of INTELLISLATE, a pen-based presentation tool that uses wireless radio frequency technology to give K-12 educators greater freedom and flexibility in the classroom. With the INTELLISLATE, teachers can:

• Move freely about the classroom as they navigate a desktop computer for presentation.
• Use a wireless pen for a more natural writing style and fast, digital display of content.
• Dynamically present information on a wall, screen or interactive whiteboard, when connected to a data projector.
• Open a lesson plan or desktop application, such as Microsoft Word.
• Launch an Internet browser, video or presentation.

The INTELLISLATE comes with over 7,000 resource files for teachers and is bundled with Encyclopedia Britannica’s 2010 Ultimate Reference Suite, at no additional charge.The built-in rechargeable Li-on battery provides up to 16 hours of continuous use.

The 1.0 software is compatible with Microsoft Vista and MAC 10.4 OS or higher, and comes with a new version of Numonics’ Virtual Whiteboard software, which features simplified hyperlinking and embedding functions, as well as new drawing and manipulation tools.

A video demonstration can be viewed here. For more information, visit