Online collaboration update

PBworks, provider of hosted collaboration solutions for business and education, has announced its Real-Time Collaboration Update.

PBworks makes real-time collaboration a natural extension of its existing tools. When a user needs to connect with one or more colleagues to gather their feedback, he or she calls them to the relevant wiki page using the built-in instant messaging, and available users can see edits being made in real-time and chat about them. When a telephone conversation is necessary, available users can be added to an ad-hoc conference call with a single click that initiates an outbound call to the user’s regular telephone.

New features in the PBworks suite:

•IM Collaboration - allows users to see who else in their organization is actively using PBworks at that moment, and enables them to send them instant messages from within the product.

•Live Notifications - Live Notifications alerts users to activity within their organization in real-time, rather than requiring them to await an asynchronous email notification.

•Live Editing - Live Editing will eliminate the need to use other web conferencing services (such as WebEx, PlaceWare, GoToMeeting, etc.) to share a PBworks editing session. Whenever a user is editing a workspace page, other users viewing that page see the edits appear in real-time. When combined with IM Collaboration, Live Editing makes it easy to convene an ad hoc meeting for working synchronously.

•Voice Collaboration - allows a user to initiate an instant conference call by dialing the desired participants. He or she can add new participants at any time, and each conference call is recorded and stored for later review. Voice Collaboration can even be triggered using an iPhone, making it the first conference calling application that works on that platform.

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