Partner program will extend apps

Cengage Learning today outlined details of MindApps™, a new partner program designed to support the development of apps and services for MindTap™, Cengage Learning’s new delivery platform for digital products and services. Browser-based and cloud delivered, MindTap can be used on virtually any platform or device.

Examples of initial MindApps partners and available apps for students and instructors include:

· ConnectYard - a social media communications platform, which integrates into portals and Learning Management Systems to reach students where they live and learn, on their channels of choice.

· Google Docs – presents instructors and students with easy-to-use tools that allow them to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and other course content in real-time.

· Kaltura – allows instructors and students to integrate rich media in the learning experience, providing simple video and audio uploading and recording tools that provide new instructional, testing and engagement opportunities.

· NetTutor - provides student access to live online tutors who fully grasp the field in which they tutor and foster success by clearly communicating with the student.

· Readspeaker - accessibility/usability software as a service which reads online text aloud based on customizable life-like voices with user settings such as speed, voice gender, and highlight as you read feature.