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Revamped education site more user-friendly

GM's Education site recently underwent a redesign to improve its organization and make the look and feel more kid-friendly.

The new site has four main sections: grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12 and lesson plans for teachers.

Features for kids include:

  • Build your own ZR1 in Mr. Stephens’ Engine Shop
  • Recycler's Challenge: Help the kids recycle by catching the correct items in their bins. Watch out for non-recyclables!
  • An interactive quiz on the on the way things were “back in the day,” titled Retro Techno

Features for teachers include:

  • Lesson Plans: Redesigned teacher resource page makes lesson plans easier to find. Now search by grade level, topic and/or National Standard. Lesson plans in Spanish are also available.
  • Weekly Reader and GM created an updated middle school classroom curriculum with National Standards.

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