Turn wall maps into a dynamic 3D experience

Nystromis introduces a web-based product, StrataLogica, that delivers layers of curriculum-based social studies content for K–12. All Nystrom wallmaps and globes are available in this 3-D environment powered by the Google Earth™ API. StrataLogica also includes Nystrom charts, atlases, and outline maps.

Features include:

• Zoom in or out from the whole world to a single neighborhood.
• Compare globe views side by side for understanding big patterns and their connections—rainfall, population,land use, and other topics.
• Create geo-referenced mash-ups using Nystrom content and Google Earth layers.
• “Pull down” 2-D wall maps—zoom and pan.
• Fly through regions and historical locations with 3-D landforms and animation.
• Save views and notes for lesson preparation.
• Access in school or any place with an internet connection.For more information or a free trial, visitwww.nystromnet.com/stratalogica. To view and vote for videos submitted for the video challenge, visit http://www.stratalogicachallenge.com/video/