Helping Kids Graduate

The education technology and services company Pearson today announced the launch of Prevent, a software program that combines the most predictive student information data points to identify which students are mostly likely to drop out of school. By compiling readily-available data such as grade point average, discipline history, attendance, grade level, Prevent provides an early warning system for educators and helps them focus on at-risk kids.

Currently, 1.2 million students dropout each year - these students earn up to 80 percent less than their degree-earning peers. In addition, the National Center for Education Statistics figures show that 26.8 percent of ninth graders at public high schools are not earning their diplomas in four years.

"With the click of a mouse, we can now make strategic decisions about how to save students from dropping out, and we can ensure that no students slip through the cracks," said Dr. Frederick Navarro, assistant superintendent, Anaheim Union School District in Anaheim, California, which has used the Prevent product for nearly two years.

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