Insects + math = learning app

iHomeEducator today released iLiveMath Entomology 4.0 for iOS. Young children can enjoy the photos and videos, while early readers can learn about insects, arachnids, metamorphosis of butterflies and lady beetles. Higher grades are challenged by mental word problems that require the visualization of basic geometry in insect flight patterns. The app now supports the ability to display the photo and word problem to an entire classroom.

"I wanted to share iLiveMath with my students at school, but did not want to give them access to my iPad. My school has a Promethean Board so after collaborating with iHomeEducator we can now share the teaching content with all my kids using the projector!" - Lisa White, 2nd Grade Teacher, LaSalle II World Language Academy, Chicago, IL

(opens in new tab)To download visit (opens in new tab)The video below demonstrates display of the app on a larger screen.