Project iPad screen to class with app

Using Note Taker HD, teachers can write on iPads and project to the entire class via AirPlay and Apple TV. AirPlay transmits wirelessly from the iPad to a screen that everyone in the classroom can view.

When teachers use Note Taker HD , an app that permits them to write directly on the screen of the iPad, they can draw and project presentations. Note Taker HD's Zoom window allows users to focus on a portion of the screen to highlight key text

Features of the new version 6.5 include:
· Using Select Mode, Copy, Cut and Paste content, within the same document, or to a page in another document.
· Reorder a document's pages, when actively editing it or in its folder.
· Write on a PDF form that is stored or downloaded; then save or email the form.
· 16 Customizable Button Colors
· Folders to organize and store documents, pdfs and pages
· Four user-settable preset pens of multiple colors and widths

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