Social studies apps released

This week at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference, Pearson is showcasing its apps designed to help students make the connection between learning and fun while reinforcing their knowledge of history, geography, economics and civics.

Pearson’s Games Apps for American and World History feature fast-action arcade games, intriguing puzzles and interactive word games. With Pearson’s Test Prep Apps for both American and World History, students have access to hundreds of reviews, flashcards and quizzes designed to help them review and understand essential questions and knowledge of a lesson or chapter. The myFlashcard Maker App, for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, lets students create their own flashcards or access hundreds of ready-made cards. With text and audio in both English and Spanish, students learn in their own way at their own pace.

This collection of education apps for social studies was recently honored with a 2011 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning magazine, recognizing them as K-12 technology products that break new ground.

For a limited time, Pearson is offering educators promotional gift codes to preview up to four of the social studies apps. For details, visit and click on “Free Apps!”