Collaborative software to release 3D tools plug-in

SMART Technologies Inc. announces the release of 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software, a new plug-in for SMART Notebook collaborative learning software that provides tools to import, view and manipulate 3D content in SMART Notebook with no need for additional hardware. 3D models and objects can be manipulated in three dimensions and labeled from a variety of angles and perspectives.

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software will be available for purchase in February 2012 for the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system and in the spring of 2012 for Mac Snow Leopard® and Mac OS X Lion operating system software.

Features include:

  • Rotation handles - Explore objects by moving them along a single axis or multiple axes
  • Sticky labels - Attach labels to an object that stay fixed at all times, even as the object is rotated
  • Scene immersion - Navigate internal details of 3D models, change orientation and move within a scene
  • Content insertion- Add 3D content from SMART Exchange, the Gallery in SMART Notebook software or Google 3D Warehouse
  • Disguise tool - Disguise a 3D object as a magic hat and click to reveal it Pricing and availability

The suggested education list price for 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software in the United States is US$49. For more information or to download a 30-day trial at no cost, visit