Cloud-based LMS offers collaborative environment, aligned resources

CurriculumLoft CLOUD is a web-based platform where teachers can store, organize, and share all of their digital content. The CurriculumLoft CLOUD has integrated alignment to state and Common Core standards and gives teachers a place to share online resources such as digital books, subscriptions, PPT files, documents and more. When a new resource is uploaded, it can be aligned right within the CLOUD, and likewise, teachers searching the CLOUD for content can search for a particular standard. Since the CurriculumLoft CLOUD is web-based, it can be accessed from any web-enabled device (not just the KUNO).

CurriculumLoft EXPLORE1to1 takes the content from the CLOUD and syncs it to student android devices in a one-to-one environment. Since content is synced locally to the devices, students can access course resources on them from anywhere, even when Internet access is not available. CurriculumLoft EXPLORE1to1 also allows apps (any android apps) to be pushed and pulled to and from devices remotely. Additionally, it locks down the android operating system so that only the CurriculumLoft interface (with any teacher-approved apps/resources) is viewable on student devices.

The KUNO android tablet is the recommended device for use with CurriculumLoft because it has been designed specifically for education. With a Lightspeed mobile web filter embedded at the root level, the devices are completely CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant. The KUNO is available to schools at a ~$350, including accessories - clamshell keyboard and 16GB micro SD card.