Educators invited to test new history tool from Microsoft and partners

ChronoZoom, an online, visualization tool to support the study of Big History was released today.

A collaborative open-source project from Microsoft Research, Outercurve, University of California at Berkeley and Moscow State University, ChronoZoom is a cloud-based tool that helps aggregate the multiple and complex sources required for the "Big History" form of interdisciplinary study.

In its beta form, ChronoZoom organizes history-related collections containing articles, images, video, sound, and other multimedia. Using HTML5, ChronoZoom enables users to browse (or “zoom”) historical knowledge affixed to logical visual time scales, rather than digging it out piece by piece.

Call to Action

The ChronoZoom team calls on the academic community to try this online tool in their classrooms and provide feedback on its features/content. Computer science institutions and developers around the world are invited to join this open-source community and help build out the next set of features.