Web-based online math resource upgrades

At NCTM this spring, Voyager Learning will re-launch of VmathLive, a web-based online math resource that creates a stimulating environment for students in grades 2-8.

A sampling of the new VmathLive features include:
- The learning path is structured so that students work sequentially through a year’s worth of math. Students are encouraged to stay on track with messaging, badges, trophies, points, and other engagement strategies.

- The new learning pedagogy offers students scaffolded help with problem-specific step-by-step hints and onscreen tutoring focused on visual representations of math concepts with both English and Spanish audio.

- The new Play component challenges students at appropriate skill levels with 20 different games that focus on mental math skills found in the Common Core State Standards.

- When used as a stand-alone supplemental program, the activities are aligned with lessons of popular core print programs, Common Core State Standards, and other state standards.

- The new Teacher Dashboard provides at-a-glance class progress with alerts for students who need one-on-one help. Additional reports such as how students are doing compared to state/Common Core State Standards are also available.

- School and district roll-up reporting features student results accessed at the class, school, and district levels from VPORT (Voyager's Teacher and Administrator Data Management System).