Lectora Introduces Collaborative e-Learning Review Tool

Lectora® introduces ReviewLink™ 1.0 collaborative e-Learning review tool, now included in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher e-Learning authoring tools. This tool enables e-Learning teams to share and review Lectora courses for online training with team members in any location and at any time.

ReviewLink 1.0 simplifies and enhances the e-Learning review cycle with the following capabilities:

  • Publish Lectora content in the cloud with team members anytime, anywhere
  • Notify colleagues, subject matter experts and other team members of new content and updates
  • Post comments directly to published content as well as manage and track the status of feedback for multiple courses
  • Make changes, re-publish content, update feedback status and send messages to reviewers
  • Include attachments in comments to provide access to additional materials including PDFs, PowerPoint files and Word documents
  • Download reports or create PDFs of all comments

For more information about Lectora and ReviewLink 1.0, to watch ReviewLink tutorials and to download a free 30-day trial, visit: ReviewLink e-Learning review tool.