4-group Math™ Pre-K, Level 1 Offered Free

Kuske Math, Inc. today announces their 4-group Math(TM) method for Pre K and Kindergarten Level 1 (basic facts to 5) is now available free of charge to everyone. The introductory video and 8 step progression videos (a series of 3-12 minute lessons) can be accessed at www.4groupmath.com.

4-group Math(TM), a base-ten model which remains consistent across place-values, uses a visual model for conceptualizing the quantity of a number and for composing and decomposing those numbers. It leverages the ability "subitize" four objects in a square pattern. "Subitizing" is the rapid, accurate understanding of the quantity of a set of objects--without counting.

4-group Math(TM), addresses the Common Core State Standards and is taught through the use of unique hands-on learning materials and can be adapted to any preschool or elementary math curriculum. Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlUZhpq1utg&feature=youtube_gdata_player to watch the introductory video.