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Octopi Algebra 1 to be Released

Mastering algebra is the absolute foundation for success in higher level math.
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Mastering algebra is the absolute foundation for success in higher level math. Many students ‘get’ more advanced math
such as trigonometry and calculus, but often lack basic algebra skills – they can’t combine like terms, simplify rational
expressions or manipulate quadratic equations.

Octopi learning software identifies the specific error that a student makes within the problem, and then provides reinforcement and practice to help the student learn how to stop making the error. Features include:

  • Aligns to each school’s textbooks/curriculum and is geared toward EOC exams
  • Octopi uses proven, results driven next generation adaptive learning methods
  • A web-based solution, accessible from computers, tablets and smart phones

The software is scheduled for release September 2012.



Algebra app

 The mobile Algebra 1 curriculum, the HMH Fuse™: Algebra 1 App is now available for public and institutional purchase on iTunes.

Algebra on the Go

Pearson Education and Modality, Inc. have announced the AlgebraPrep: Factoring application is available on the App Store. 

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Using Games to Reinforce Pre-Algebra and Algebra

 By Traci Dunbar, Ocoee Middle SchoolPre algebra and algebra are the gateway to more advanced math concepts and computations, and therefore critical for students to master. However, teachers often find that students lack the basic skills or knowledge needed to