ISTE 2012 NEWS: Mini Tablet Kit for iPads Expands Video-based PD Offerings

To provide educators in school districts and in colleges of teacher education with more ways to use classroom video for professional learning, Teachscape has created the Teachscape Mini Tablet Kit. When used with Teachscape Reflect Video, online software to guide reflective learning and strengthen teaching practice, the Mini Tablet Kit for iPads reinforces Teachscape’s leadership role in using video to promote and support professional learning.

The Mini Tablet Kit contains a sturdy and compact tablet stand that can be used with iPads and other tablet models; a professional grade, self-powered microphone; a detachable wide-angle lens; and a lightweight carrying case. The tablet stand features a mount that can be angled for optimum video capture and allows the tablet to be easily rotated and detached to take photos of classroom artifacts. The powerful microphone records teacher and student comments and reduces background noise. The lens increases the viewing angle by 49% to capture more of what’s happening in the classroom.

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