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Shmoop Helps Students Give It the Old College Try

Today’s teens are tech-savvy, at least in the chatting department.
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Today’s teens are tech-savvy, at least in the chatting department. But they’re hardly going to LOL and OMG their way to college degrees. Fortunately, there are resources available that do more than simply direct them to the latest “fail” video or allow them to share photos of their cats.

With the aim of preparing students for life beyond high school, Shmoop offers an extensive College Readiness Guide. The publisher of digital curriculum and test prep covers a variety of topics commonly found on standardized tests, plus provides a crash course on the SAT, PSAT, ACT, CAHSEE, ISEE, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams – you name it.

Within each test prep unit, students can take advantage of a personalized Dashboard that tracks their progress and provides study tips. Like, “Don’t write with the eraser end of your pencil.” Shmoop Test Prep also includes extreme topic review, practice drills, full-length practice exams and more. And students aren’t left hanging when it comes time to actually apply. Shmoop comes through with College 101, a free online resource that addresses topics such as admission essays, entrance tests, financial aid, scholarships and money management tips for students and parents.

Teachers can use the Administrator Report to keep track of license statistics, as well as the brand-spanking-new Classrooms feature that allows them to virtually organize students in the interest of effectively keeping records of progress and activity. If a teacher notices that a student hasn’t signed on in more than a week, there isn’t a virtual principal’s office to send them to, but Shmoop is working on it. A “downloadable detention” may also be on its way in version 2.0.

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Shmoop Helps Students Give It the Old College Try

With the goal of preparing students for life after high school, Shmoop offers an extensive College Readiness Guide and College 101 resources. The College Readiness Guide covers a variety of topics commonly found on standardized tests to help prepare students for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, CAHSEE, ISEE, SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams. Students can track their progress and receive study tips through the personalized Dashboard feature from Shmoop. College 101 is a free online resource for students and parents that covers topics such as admission essays, entrance exams, financial aid and more.

Shmoop Welcomes Students Back to School

This back to school season, Shmoop is helping students get back into the grind with its Learning Guides and Test Prep materials. The free Learning Guides can ease students into school-mode by covering a wide variety of subjects such as literature, economics, biology, algebra and more. Shmoop also provides help to college-bound students with its test prep diagnostics for the reading, writing and math portions of the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams. Last but not least, Shmoop prepares students for life after high school with its free College 101, Career Guide and Financial Literacy reference tools.

Shmoop Partners with College Preparation Site Zinch

For the next six months, students will have access to Shmoop material through Chegg Presents Zinch Prep, a college counseling program providing information and materials to guide high school seniors through the college admissions process. By registering on Zinch, a high school student will receive exclusive access to any one Shmoop test prep resource, including the SAT, ACT or PSAT. Both Shmoop and Zinch have proven track records of putting valuable resources in the hands of college-bound students, and helping more of them set their sights on success in post-secondary school and beyond.