Blackboard Launches 2-Way SMS Platform in United States

Blackboard Inc. today announced the U.S. release of Blackboard ConnectTxt, a 2-way mass notification platform that allows users to send text messages and emails and receive replies via text as well.

Features include:

  • Institutions can invite community members to use Blackboard ConnectTxt to report issues or problems, or to request assistance.
  • Allows organizations to encourage members to sign up for community updates by registering by text.
  • clients can run live, text-based surveys to make presentations, lectures and community programs more interactive.
  • audit capabilities enable users to track message delivery to reduce errors and improve quality of database.
  • Shortcodes, keywords and QR codes make it easy for recipients to interact with marketing campaigns, print collateral and social media.

Visual demonstrations of Blackboard ConnectTxt and its specific applications for K-12 are available at