Learning platform incorporates more standards-based content

My Big Campus announces new features and enhancements to its social learning platform, which combines the functionality of a classroom LMS with a social networking site and library of educational resources.

My Big Campus now incorporate the ISTE NETS Tech Standards for Students in the Bundles feature. Self-contained online lessons comprising related videos, group content, documents and text, Bundles can be shared with other classrooms in the same school or the entire My Big Campus community.

My Big Campus also released a redesigned Schoolwork interface, which includes these new features:

•More quiz options, including essay questions, true/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank
•The ability to attach files, documents, and videos to assignments
•Support for ExamView test banks
•Average scores reporting
•Anonymous surveys
•Time allotment limit for quizzes and assignments
•Simplified grading process
•Single dashboard to create, edit, reuse, and reassign work

•redesigned interface

For more information and to sign up for a free account, visit http://www.mybigcampus.com