Flip Your Classroom Makeover Contest detailed

eInstruction has announced details of its sixth annual Flip Your Classroom- eInstruction Classroom Makeover Contest. Classes in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) are invited to submit short, creative music videos demonstrating how they would use technology to enhance their learning experience in the classroom.

Prizes will vary based on the grade level of the winning classrooms. The complete eInstruction Classroom Makeover is valued at approximately $75,000.

The winner in each category (Kindergarten through fifth grade; sixth grade through eighth grade; and ninth grade through twelfth grade) will receive a complete interactive classroom makeover including:

* Insight 360™ bundle – The ultimate classroom instruction system designed for mobile devices that naturally guides educators and students through a fully integrated system thanks to intuitive devices.
* Pulse 360 classpack – The most advanced version of the market-leading student response system used by millions of students and teachers around the world.
* TouchBoard – eInstruction’s interactive whiteboard allows students to work at the board for hands-on, collaborative learning and—with the TouchBoard pen-and-finger system technology, students have a more engaging, interactive classroom experience.
* Mobi Student Centered Learning Pack™ – Comprised of three Mobi Learners, designed for student use, the Student-Centered Learning Pack creates collaborative classrooms by enabling multiple students or groups to contribute content to the lesson display simultaneously.

For complete rules and guidelines for participating in the eInstruction Classroom Makeover Video Contest, visit http://flipyourclassroom.einstruction.com.