New apps offer math and science e-books

The new Windows 8 AC VBook Appsfrom Adaptive Curriculumhelp middle and high school students tackle difficult concepts identified by the new Common Core Math Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

The AC VBooks create an interactive environment with a blend of explorations, visual explanations, and exercises. The four apps to launch the AC VBook series are “Algebra: Linearity, Slope and Direct Variation,” “Geometry: Circumference and Arc Length,” “Physics: Electric Current and Resistance,” and “Physics: Series and Parallel Circuits.” Students can use the apps in any number of ways — to discover and explore new topics, to review and reinforce information they already know, or to challenge themselves to take their knowledge to the next level.

Each AC VBook has four distinct sections, including a readiness self-test, targeted interactive learning activities, a summary overview, and a final assessment.

The Physics: Electric Current and Resistance;Physics: Series and Parallel Circuits; and Algebra: Linearity, Slope and Direct Variation AC VBooks retail for $1.49. Geometry: Circumference and Arc Length is currently available free to all Window 8 users. Adaptive Curriculum plans to release additional AC VBook Apps covering key topics in middle and high school math and science, including Algebra I & II, Geometry, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.